The World of J&K, exhibited at 37PK in the context of Stripdagen Haarlem

In 1969, the first JANCZYK & KARNICKI comic appeared in TOO MUCH FAR OUT ROCK n’ROLL magazine. Created by artists Robert McNab, Rory Fellowes and George Trapp, this magazine is now recognized as the UK’s first independent underground comic book. Along with the J&K All Stars Studio group, Robert McNab and George Trapp developed the JANCZYK & KARNICKI comic. The current exhibition displays some of their work from 1968 to the present.

The exhibition “The World of J&K” presents a wide range of products from the archives of the Polish Merchant Navy well-established in JANCZYK & KARNICKI SAFounded in the port of Danzig, present-day Gdansk. The company’s motto is: “All that glitters is not gold, but we get away with it.” The company specializes in repackaging, brand camouflage, and repeat products, and trades in recyclable iron filings, canned flies, deformed fishmeal derivatives, and taping oil: custom merchandise made from waste.

This is the premiere public display of a wide range of J&K brands, merchandise, memorabilia and documents. The exhibition was made possible by J&K Company Archivists in Danzig in collaboration with curators George Trapp and Robert McNab. On display are cartoons, books, paintings, sculpture, photography, films and a rare preserved copy of the first JANCZYK & KARNICKI comic strip.

The J&K Scientist reveals the history of J&K’s steamboat, SS RANGOON, its captain Pawel Janczyk, business partner Edouard Karnicki and their crew. It shows in different episodes the places where the ship has sailed in the world and is still sailing: from Tierra del Fuego to the Suez Canal, and from the Baltic Sea to the tropics. The SS RANGOON and its crew first sailed in the 1930s, and while giant container ships now have changed life at sea, the old RANGOON continues to operate.

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