The world will never change after Trump; He is breaking the rules’

“Trump has changed the world in four years. He has fundamentally reduced the concept of international liberal order.” Han Den Brook, director of political affairs at the Hague Center for Strategic Studies, uses those harsh words to describe the Trump years. He hopes things will get better under Biden, he said Europe continues.

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Den Brook was a Member of Parliament for VVD from 2006 to 2018, but now he focuses on strategic matters. Trump is not very strategic, he thought. The image of America in the world is damaged, says Den Brook: “Of course, by Capitol’s storm, America is the old ideal The city that shines on the mountain Lost. “

In international politics, Denbrook says Trump is ‘blunting morals’. “In the field of diversity, international companies, contracts, it will not be the same.” The United States was already less dominant in the world, but this has accelerated Trump, he thinks.


Under Biden, Denbrook hopes that international order will be restored to some extent. The new president has signed an order that the United States rejoin the World Health Organization and the Paris climate agreement.

However, foreign countries did not dominate the speech on Selvar after Biden took office. Ten Brooke understands this: “Fiden has a great domestic job. In terms of foreign policy, you can only succeed if you have a quiet interior.”


Under Trump, NATO came under pressure from time to time. Many European countries – including the Netherlands – have not complied with the agreement that two percent of GDP should go to security, which is against Trump’s sore leg.

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According to Den Brook, Biden will partially restore old ties, but he thinks he will “put the knife to his throat.” “He asks: What do you contribute, the Americans will hold us accountable for our responsibility.”


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