The world’s largest meat processor paid hackers 11 million after the cyber attack

Brazilian meat processor JBS has paid hackers $ 11 million (9 9 million) after a hack that shut down its systems. J.P.S. In a statement Announced. Due to the hack of organizations in the United States, the butcheries of the world’s largest meat processor in North America and Australia had to close.

JBS is also known as ransomware, which is also called ransomware. This allows hackers to encrypt computers remotely. After paying the ransom, the hackers release the systems again. A group of Russian cyber criminals seems to be behind this hack.

According to JBS, most systems were reactivated when the ransom was paid. So the decision to bring in this amount is a difficult one, says JBS in a statement: “We felt we had to make this decision to avoid the risks to our customers.” The company spends $ 200 million annually on IT, and J.P.S.


A few weeks ago, the company that owned Colonial Pipeline, the largest oil pipeline in the United States, was also hit by a ransomware attack. The company paid about $ 5 million in bitcoin. The FBI “recovered” some of that money.

Bitcoins are placed in a Wallet, A digital wallet, and the FBI approached a $ 2.3 million wallet. It is not known exactly how this happened, but the redemption amount is rarely found.

The meat processor did not disclose whether JPS had paid in bitcoin as well. Wolgens The Wall Street Journal Paid with crypto currency.

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