The Youth Fund for Sport and Culture allows children from poor families in Groningen and Drenthe to choose a club

Photo: Youth Fund for Sports and Culture

The Youth Sports and Culture Fund will launch a “Choose a Club” campaign on Monday, so that children of parents who cannot pay membership fees or club tuition fees can join the club.

It seems natural to go to soccer, street dance, or some other club, writes the Youth Fund for Sports and Culture.

However, this is not a given for 272,000 children. Their parents do not have the money to pay club membership fees or tuition fees. Children of families with little money should also be given the opportunity to choose a club. We pay the contribution or tuition fee for these children.

In the club you belong to

In the sports field or at dance or music schools, children discover what they like, make new friends and also gain valuable skills that will be useful for the rest of their lives, according to the Youth Trust.

This is important for mental, physical and social development. Children learn to deal with gains and losses, let go of their fears, and their confidence grows. In the club you belong to, regardless of the status of the house. It is important in any case to remove financial obstacles to joining the club.

There is help

The goal of the “Choose a Club” campaign is to inform parents of the availability of assistance. They can contact them at 088-8800888 or

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