The youth village of De Glind was the rescue of Patrice and her son

Patrice in the stands with Lt. Col. Frank Ostrogel.  Photo: Omrup Gelderland

Patrice in the stands with Lt. Col. Frank Ostrogel. Photo: Omrup Gelderland

De Glinde – In Rotterdam, her disabled son was not dependent on an understanding of the environment. Patrice found the peace and space he needed in De Glind. They have lived there for years and have found their place there.

You still touch her when you talk about her. “Things went so fast there in Rotterdam. When my son got angry and started screaming, everyone got angry right away and called the police. There was no understanding. Everything went so fast there. There is understanding and space here. Everyone can be who he or she is. It looks like Like a warm blanket.”

Umbrella as a symbol

Patrice will be in the stands on Tuesday Summer in Gelderland in the youth village of De Glind to tell her story. She has an umbrella in her hand with wires that lead to several other people in the stands. “This umbrella symbolizes all the different residents here. It is an umbrella for the youth and it refers to the farmers, the church, foster families, the petting zoo, the entertainment team, organizations and entrepreneurs. We all need them to create a beautiful environment.” For children so they can grow here. It’s a kind of shield.”

Watch Patrice’s story here:

So Patrice and her son found their niche in Glind. Her son is now 16 and he is fine. Patrice herself can be found at De Glindster Village Center helping children by organizing creative activities for them. She doesn’t want to leave.

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