The zoom feature includes a feature where users can be placed side by side | right Now

Starting Monday, the Zoom video chat service includes a function where users can be placed side by side in a virtual background. The feature is called the panoramic view. to me Zoom in The job should give the impression that the participants are sitting together in a classroom or conference room.

The overall show was announced last October Zoom in. Currently, the feature is only available for the desktop version of Zoom on Windows and macOS.

The panoramic view runs for up to 25 participants. If there are more than 25 participants, the remaining participants will appear in their box at the top of the screen. With less than 25 users, the number of places can be adjusted in the default background.

Participants can be automatically assigned to the digital space or a seat assigned from the host. The host can also move participants during a session. When the host shares his screen, the panoramic view will stop. The job will resume when screen sharing is finished.

It is also possible to download the default wallpapers yourself and use them in the panoramic view. It is not yet possible to use the function for side rooms, as the whole group is divided into smaller groups. Also, it is not possible to record a meeting with Global View on.

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