“Theatre is a place where someone else sees.”

Timo Tempuser:Sophie Sadington statue

What kind of work do you do?

“Musical theater architecture, I call it sometimes. I’m still actually still designing spaces, and in that sense I’m still somewhat of an architect. Spaces where people come together to find harmony with their voices and their bodies. Every performance is an attempt to find each other. Sometimes it succeeds, Sometimes it doesn’t work.”

“I am currently making a trio of mistakes about the relationship between Something strange And Catholicism, where I put and dismantle sacred texts. On the one hand, he demonstrated the beauty of the rituals, and on the other hand, the hypocrisy of those texts, their normativeness and what excludes this. my current performance, Mesa Mater Solaabout the maternal figure and how our image of women is still rooted in Christian traditions.”

What does the word theater mean to you?

“For me, theater means an encounter and how you can shape that encounter. Examples for me include Jerzy Grotowski, and Antonin Artaud, makers who have returned to theater as a ritual, to the spiritual dimension of showing yourself on earth. Also Peter Brook and”Empty spaceI think it’s a nice definition. The theater is where one person is seen by another. You really don’t need more than that. Two people see each other and space bear that.”

Where do you get inspiration?

“For the past five years I’ve been doing a lot of meditation and audio editing. I’ve visited tribes in Peru, the steppes of Mongolia, Thailand, Greece and Portugal and immersed myself in other ways of using sound. This is probably my biggest inspiration at the moment, connected to nature and the question of how I want to live and make.” How much pressure do you put on the system? lose Are you producing and what do you really need for significant theater experience? ”

What has touched you recently?

“the book The cup and the blade By Ryan Isler, on the oppression of women and females over the past seven thousand years. It touched me because it was so bright, and also a cry for hope. You feel that feminine values ​​are gaining in importance, but they are also met with a counter-reaction. It is definitely a time full of change. Also with Black Lives Matter and weird activity. Perhaps this is what bothers me the most. Not a movie or a show, but those protests on the street, the connection you feel.”

Which live or non-living artist would you like to collaborate with?

“I would like to sing with Meredith Monk, a music innovator in the 70s who is still active today. She is a huge inspiration in terms of vocalization and how she creates space with her voice and performance. She is someone who breathes her craft, uses all she has and is always transforming. I find that very inspiring” .

Where do you see yourself in five years?

“Then I wish I could live in nature, in a house with a rehearsal shed, and do what I’m doing now. In a sense I’m already where I want to be. I don’t need this bigger, but more permanent. I’m also building a seamless community of performers and designers from Turn me around so that I can always invite you to a performance or ritual. And herein lies the desire for communication and unity between life and work. That you embody what you have always done.”

Mesa Mater Sola It can be seen from March 23 to 26 at the Festival Cement in Den Bosch. Go here if you like: choral music, psalms, dancing with mothers, myths and archetypes, broken patriarchy and a bit of sparkle.

Young Makers Series

At Jonge Makers we introduce the rookie stage makers. Flemish actor, singer, composer and director Timo Tembuyser completed his performance training at the Toneelacademie in Maastricht after studying architecture. His new performance will be at Festival Cement Mesa Mater Sola It premiered in co-production with Muziektheater Transparant and Production House Theater Rotterdam.

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