“Then they wouldn’t let me live.”

Emotional Turkish hero Sukur: ``So they didn't let me live

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Emotional Turkish hero Sukur: ‘So they didn’t let me live’

Hakan Sekor is still unsure about his life in Turkey. The 112-year-old Turkey international made this known in a big interview with him picture.

The former attacker fled to the United States in 2015 due to his alleged involvement in the Gülen movement. In America, the top striker in the past worked for a long time as a taxi driver for Uber. She says, “Everything you’ve taken away from me.” Bosphorus bull In a conversation with the German newspaper.

“If I had not left Turkey, they would not have allowed me to live,” the Turkish scorer said. Not the system itself, but fanatical supporters. If you speak against the system, you will find fanatics who see it as their duty to eliminate their opponents. If I go back today, I will end up in prison and my family will be in even greater trouble. Can you imagine? I served my country through football.

As for Sukur, it is clear why they use him as a former senior striker as the head of the jute. Politics is using me as the most famous player in Turkey to spread fear. They want to show that they can handle anyone and that what happened to me can happen to anyone.

The former striker of Galatasaray, Inter Milan and Blackburn Rovers, among others, is hoping to gain support from football. “I am one of the most successful footballers in the history of Turkey, but the Erdogan regime has put me in a situation where I even have to fight for a residence permit in another country. We can do something against this fascist regime only with a solidarity-based attitude from the world of sports .

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