There are no ‘batteries nearby’ in Wijchen: ‘Technology is still experimental’ | Wijchen

WIJCHEN – There will be no batteries in the neighborhood in Wijchen at the moment. Alderman Titus Burgers says that the technology has not yet established itself sufficiently and that it takes up a lot of space.

The idea for neighborhood batteries comes from VVD. Neighborhood batteries help combat network congestion: extreme congestion on the network. Now that more and more homes have solar panels, sometimes the power grid can’t handle all the electricity generated on a sunny day. Then the excess current goes to ground unused.


Adjacent batteries take up a lot of space in residential areas

Titus Burgers, Alderman for Sustainability Wijchen

Neighborhood batteries are inverter house-sized batteries that are placed in a neighborhood where many homes have solar panels. The energy generated is stored in the battery and returned to homes when necessary. So it is not necessary to transfer it over the network. An additional advantage is that the electricity generated during the day can also be used in the evening, when the sun is not shining.

Maybe a subsidy for household batteries

However, Wijchen municipality did not dare to take it yet. “Neighbourhood batteries are a great solution for overloading the power grid,” says Alderman Titus Burgers (PvdA, Sustainability). But the technology is still experimental. The installation of neighborhood batteries in residential areas also requires a large space. Additionally, there are costs involved. That’s why we won’t start with it yet.”

In addition to adjacent batteries, there are also household batteries. In addition, the inhabitant stores the electricity he generates with his solar panels in a battery in his home. “VVD and ChristenUnie have submitted a proposal in the House of Representatives for subsidies for home batteries. We are following this with interest,” says Burgers.

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