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Popimam Noureen Wildeman seems to think that being Muslim is a sexual orientation.

It appears to be increasingly common for Muslim students to request private prayer rooms at school so that they can perform their religious duties. NRC comes there Comprehensive report on. In general, mayors and lecturers have a hard time with this, especially in general education. On the Leidsche Rijn College A petition by Muslim students for a prayer room led to a ban on prayer in the school building by university president Erik Hordecke. He was supported by Utrecht College. Popimam Noureen Wildeman Sign up for his vlog to manage the school. He even sees discrimination, because – he says – the Leidensche Rhein College is entirely in the grip of the ideology of “gender vigilance”. Not only has a rainbow-coloured pedestrian crossing been built, Leidsche Rijn College also participates in Utrecht Pride with its own boat “on which they recruit students to sail”. Wildman also found texts on the school’s application which, according to him, show that the COC was given the opportunity to spread its gender ideology among the students. What makes this clergyman even worse is that Muslim students also find information about an organization in Utrecht on the school’s app safe haven Where people of LGBT and/or Muslim backgrounds can go into a confidential conversation if the environment reacts incorrectly to their orientation. He also discovered that the school is cooperating with Maarouf Foundation. “This institution is focusing specifically on Muslims and trying to influence them by making them believe that practicing homosexuality is not forbidden at all,” said Popamam. According to him, Leydish Rhine College “is trying to harm the religious interpretation of the Quranic texts by its Muslim students. This school is trying to take the seat of the imam.”

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The cleric commits an amazing fallacy here. It confuses orientation with life philosophy, thus placing Islam and LGBTQ+ in the same definition. Religious orgasm testimonies sometimes sound a little too much like a description of the method for achieving orgasm, but Wildman seems to me to be based on that fact. It also mixes discussion of philosophical topics with religious practices.

Hordijk’s rector The school administration Leidsche Rijn College welcomes supporters of any philosophy of life and any sexual orientation general school. They come there to learn and develop into full citizens. This is why they also have more access to life philosophies than their own. An introduction to the beliefs or lifestyles of others is part of a general education. It is information, not propaganda.

Leidsche Rijn College is one school. Therefore there are no special facilities for LGBTQ+ students due to their orientation put into practice. Heterosexuals are also not given space in this regard. From the late Professor Presser, I learned the following about the practice of secondary education: “Order means no killing in your class, no intercourse.”

That is why there are no special prayer rooms for Muslims.

Specifically by portraying LGBTQ+ and Islam as philosophies of life, opposing philosophies of life, but still philosophies of life, Noureen Wildeman undermines his position.

Public schools are not non-religious, as in France, but they are neutral. They treat all philosophies of life equally. Many people – including high school students – have spiritual needs. They ask for repentance. They want peace to find themselves or something higher. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a public school setting up a meditation center for students and teachers where they can come to themselves. This is the right place to pray right away. It is true that a meditation center should always be available to everyone. So adherents of a particular worldview, such as Islam, cannot keep it to themselves at specific times. Users are also not allowed to disturb each other and a silence center may of course not be entered when one has lessons or other commitments.

The space exudes calmness and does not contain symbols of particular religions or philosophies of life.

This will be a nice solution in which everyone can live in peace. And this, by the way, is a peace that is very specific to the Dutch tradition.

And let’s establish one thing: being a Muslim is not a trend. People converted to Islam. You don’t have to come out of the closet for that.

For the rest, I think the cost surcharge scandal should not disappear from the public eye, nor should the Groningen natural gas issue.

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