There are sperm cells in the church of Eusebius and for this reason

Sperm cells in the Church of Eusebius? say what! Yes, you read that correctly. On Monday, January 17, new statues were placed on the Eusebius Chapel. On top of the chapel, you can now admire sperm cells, coronavirus particles and tardigrades.

according to RTV Connect The addition of these artworks should ensure that the Eusebius Chapel becomes a highlight for visitors.

Sperm cells in the Church of Eusebius

All the statues actually in the church had something to do with the theme of Noah’s Ark. The new artwork is about science and religion. Artist director Arno Koenen tells RTV Connect that religion gives hope for a positive future.

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Place the statues in the church of Eusebius. Photo: Eusebius Foundation.


Arno Coenen’s website states: Instead of different animals, the images consist of a series of magnifications of microscopic phenomena that we owe to science. And who can tell us about our origin and the possible fate of our existence on Earth and in the universe. The stone carvings and their detailing take on their stunning long-range look thanks to the glare of a sophisticated circular video screen, which is animated to respond to the subject. That’s why sperm cells, coronavirus particles and tardigrades represent science.

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After the Battle of Arnhem, the destroyed church was rebuilt and restored. At that time, Disney characters were added. These are located at an altitude of 70 meters and you can only really study them if you bring binoculars with you to the square.

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