There is a global demand for Ukrainian tulip bulbs from Alsmeer, but is it there?

From Canada to Lithuania and from the United States to France: A company in Alsmeer misleads people around the world with tulips in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. They approach florist Hoven & de Muiz with the question of whether they can order the bulbs, but there are no bulbs that produce yellow-blue tulips.

Tulipa Ukraine von Hoven & de Muiz – Hovan & de Muiz

Wholesale trade soon in early March Advertising through Facebook Including the yellow-blue Tulipa Ukraine range, it receives a flood of requests and questions. Can bulbs be shipped to the US, can bulbs be purchased in Lithuania, can be purchased directly from the wholesaler.

The company had to say ‘no’ several times and decided to give the same answer to each comment: “These tulips are naturally white, and as soon as they come out of the lamp and are selected they receive a special color treatment. We sell these flowers directly to flower exporters in the Netherlands.” Not for stores overseas. “

“Dutch people generally do not like painted flowers”

Peter Vroove, Relationship Manager Howe N D Moo

Those interested are advised to ask their local florist for a supplier, after which he or she can ask the exporter. “It’s a long chain,” confirms Peter Vrew, relationship manager at Hoven & De Mooij. The intricacies of special color treatment are part of the blacksmith’s secret, but he is willing to tell someone else about the dyed flowers.

Rainbow Collection

Commenting on the dyed flowers the company sells, he said, “It’s a natural product. In addition to tulips, it includes roses and gerberas. Is it paid? “That’s right, yes.”

Hoven & de Muiz – Hovan & de Moiz – Rainbow Roses from Flower Wholesaler

Most of the dyed flowers that the company sells go abroad. One of them is ‘a big customer in Germany,’ says Wrove, where yellow-blue Ukrainian tulips are said to be over-sold.


Currently things are not going well in the Netherlands because the florists in the corner have not yet delivered them in bulk. “The Dutch generally did not like painted flowers,” says Vroe. “We care about consumers [red. de Oekraïne-tulp] Yes, but we will not sell to individuals. “

He sees this in Keukenhof, whereas the wholesaler’s showpieces elsewhere will shine among seven million other flowers this week. “Consumers walk in there and you notice they want to buy it.”


Occasionally makes an exception. “Someone wanted to bring a big forest for a Ukrainian refugee in Ireland, and had to stop at Shipol, so decided to stop.”

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