There is a new way to reach the UK: all boats at once

If you set out with thirty boats at once, the Coast Guard can’t stop at all. Human traffickers seem to have invented a new method of immigrating to England from Calais or Dunkirk in France. In recent weeks, the Coast Guard has reported that boats carrying migrants on both sides have been spotted and detained overnight.

In the last two days of March, the French and British Coast Guards recorded nineteen inflatable boats attempting to cross the dangerous Pass de Gallis. It was a treacherous journey. It was accurate in those days when the weather seemed radioactive that there was a strong current between France and the British territorial waters.

Mostly travelers are young people

Earlier this week, British patrol boats pulled 371 people out of the water and took 73 to the French side. That’s a regular shot. Every day, police in Dover call a few ‘incidents’ in which an ‘incident’ equates to a dinghy in which in most cases the occupants of the ship are rescued and the boat confiscated. Passengers are mostly young people, but also children.

If things like this continue in recent months, the number of immigrants by 2021 will reach the southern coast of the United Kingdom. There were 602 in this quarter, which is three times more than the 187 in the first quarter of last year. By 2020, more than 8,000 people had reached the UK via the canal, four times more than in 2019. It looks like this number will be even higher this year. Last Tuesday, 183 people came in a single day.

The British government had already made every effort to reduce attendance. There are boat patrols, drones and planes have been stopped, and there are consultations with France.

Restriction does not lead to fewer immigrants

Large numbers of immigrants to Dover embarrass the British government: one of the main reasons for leaving the EU is that the country regains control of its own borders. Now this restriction does not lead to fewer immigrants, at least not by sea.

British Home Secretary Priti Patel announced last week that she wanted to differentiate a new asylum law between immigrants who come legally and those who come to the beach suddenly. The latter should be less likely to seek asylum and they have previously reported to the former safe country. Lawyers are wondering how this will work, especially since after Brexit, the UK will have fewer options for immigrants to return to their country.

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