‘There is always room for more’ by Scholting • Swiss athlete Sick of freezing cold

From 12.15 all eyes (Dutch) will be on the short track hall, where the women’s 1500m will be completed. With Susan Schulting, Alexandra Velzebuer and Ryan de Vries.

Schulting already had two gold and one silver medals in his pocket. “There is always room for more,” said national team coach Jeroen Otter. “But the errors at 1500m are at very small angles. It’s a matter of good tactical play, condition and speed and then it can become a very beautiful thing again.”

It will be a special day for De Vries: She has been the reserve of the relief team since Sochi, but has never played in games. “Ryan has the toughest position in the team. How upset you are when you’re the best team in the world’s reserve?

However, the fact that she can now do work in the 1500m is certainly not a matter of bonus. “No, we are not a charity,” Otter said. “It’s a great sporting atmosphere. Everyone has to earn their place.”

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