There is no place for windmills according to de Liberalin | Bunniks . news

On the evening of Thursday, September 23, 2021, the Liberals voted for RES 1.0 after deleting the Punic windmill search area. At the moment, the liberals see no place for a windmill in Punic. According to the party’s president, Frans Poe, “we are thus responding to the widespread disturbances in our villages about the arrival of windmills within a short distance of our villages”. We see an urgent need to take steps in climate crises, but we approach resistance with caution. Together with the interest of CDA and Bunnik, we have introduced the modification to remove the wind search area from the RES. Remarkably, our coalition partner did not want to show such sponsorship and voted against the revised RES proposal. The proposal to draft wind frameworks was subsequently adopted at the Council level. “We thought we should support this proposal by Bunniks Belang, because it’s better to make frameworks ourselves than to have another government agency do it for us,” Pouw says. The State Council’s recent ruling offers the possibility to create your own frameworks. We cannot look to the future. Based on current technologies, we don’t see any prospects for Bunnik’s windmills. But we are optimistic from the start and hope for interesting new developments in the near future. Hence it is practical that you have already thought about what would be acceptable and what would not harm the physical and mental health of our residents.

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