There is no solar park in Zijtaart at the moment, and there is still room to explore the Strybos solar meadow

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Vigil | The municipal executive decided to give space to Sterrebos to begin the process of participation and to involve the local population in the development of the plan. The plan relates to a 5-hectare solar park located in the hinterland between Schijndel and Sint-Oedenrode east of the N637. The initiator is OPEN NRG. The reason for this decision is the withdrawal of another initiative that freed up planning space.

In Merigstad, eight solar garden initiatives were evaluated positively by an independent panel last year. Because the council wanted to make 50 hectares available for the first tranche, there was only room for seven initiatives to implement; So the Sterrebos plan was put on hold. One of the seven plans has recently been withdrawn: this relates to the Logtenburg plan near Zijtaart by NRG2ALL with an area of ​​3.3 hectares. Aldermann van Roygen: “We understand that this decision is now unexpected for the residents of Stribos. The college was also surprised when one of the initiators withdrew. At the same time, we have the ambition to become CO2-neutral. Then of course it would not be appropriate to leave the space provided by the council to generate Sustainable energy is not used. The task is still too big for that.”

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As with other ongoing initiatives, the municipality expects the initiator to begin the engagement process according to the plan presented. Describes how OPEN NRG will involve local residents and other relevant parties in developing the plan and in the details of financial participation. The municipal executive pays additional attention to the implementation of good quality landscaping of the Sterrebos initiative. “We cut the procedure for the sunbathing areas and in the meantime we ask a lot of the initiator. In this way we can constantly form a good picture of the course of participation. Ultimately, this is also necessary to reach a balanced decision in which all interests are taken into account.”
The first formal decision-making moment is when the application is submitted in principle, after which the planning procedure for obtaining an environmental permit can begin.

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