There is nothing else to do: The Netherlands will never become European Football Champion II Column Sjoerd Jansen

There is nothing else to do: Holland becomes European champion. We can indeed prepare for a glorious journey through the Amsterdam canals when Orange defeated arch-rivals Germany in the final. With Captain Wim Kivat at the wheel of the tourist boat. Our European Championship opponents will have a particular difficulty with the dazzling color of our shirts, which, as we know, were designed by former senior player and style icon Raphael van der Vaart. “Hell” baffled Germans scream helplessly as they give our children free passage to their goal.


In addition, soon everyone will be – of course at a distance of one and a half meters – cheering and jumping in a special cheerful mantle from a supermarket. Also, no one should be surprised when Perry Van Earle appears Very Naked, another hero from 1988, when Fokke or Sukke appears in his field of vision. After all, he gave all of his brewery outfits to cut into orange panties. In fact, there is nothing to do about it, the Netherlands has become the champion of European football.

Old Hunter Dirk

Old hunter Dirk Van Norte once said on the TV show, “And so did you.” showroom . No, we say it with Dirk: We don’t believe it. This Dutch national team will not be European champions for long. This is why it simply lacks the necessary quality of selection. Although the bountiful commercials from supermarkets, breweries and other companies want to convince us that Orange can beat the title, that won’t happen. You need very large cheese or a block for your resins You want to go along with that story.


This Dutch national team is already delivering a world-class performance if it wins a few matches after the preliminary round under national coach Frank de Boer. It will not be enough for the final. That is why we have to rely on other countries, whose choices are filled with the necessary stars. Personally, I wonder if Belgium will finally win a big prize under the unparalleled leadership of Kevin De Bruyne. I also seriously count on England which is currently the top in Europe in terms of club football. Enjoy watching!

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