“There is nothing strange or insignificant” in the Veldhoven Garden Room

De Tuinkamer was hiding deep in Mike Jorisen’s backyard. A free accessible space where teamwork is paramount.

Veldhoven In 2012, the family purchased a garage adjacent to their back garden. Mayke has already come up with a plan for the garage; A space where it is good to meet. “Everyone can come in here to chat, have a cup of coffee or tea, or whatever else you’d like to use the space for.”
The garden room has a comfortable seating and dining area, an air-conditioned kitchen, shower and toilet. So the garden room is a unique space, which is mainly used for neighbors. Every Monday, from 10:00 to 12:00, everyone can go there for a normal conversation.


“Every Monday I am again amazed by the stories that appear on the kitchen table. Everything is in common, nothing strange or indescribable. I like to give examples of experiences at De Tuinkamer. Every Monday morning

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They are packaged differently. Often with themes from current events, but certainly also from reality. Sharing experiences is like dealing with a person with autism. We learn a lot from each other because the conversations are done openly and honestly without judgment. Treat each other with respect.”

Necessary challenges are not avoided. “People are sitting at the table with their convictions and their views. Then I am just talking about vaccination, yes or no. You can be for it or against it, but everyone can contribute.”
Gorissen has worked with singing bowls for years and made a comparison. “Every bowl has its own sound. It’s the same with people, everyone has their own voice. Here at the table, all these sounds come together, creating a beautiful interaction of all those different sounds.”

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Community Center

The doors of De Tuinkamer are also open to people from the neighbourhood. “Someone who lived down the street was temporarily unable to shower in the house, and was unable to go up the stairs. Well, I have an AC shower and wheelchair-friendly access here, so this person has temporarily benefited from our hospitality.”
“A businesswoman from the neighborhood also trained here for a while when they were renovating her house. It’s great that we can help each other out and be there for each other.


Gorison is grateful that she was able to fulfill her dream in her backyard while maintaining the open door policy. “I am grateful to have created a space where connections can be made so that people feel heard and seen. My point is that this is about people’s well-being.”

Gorissen hopes de Toynkammer will be followed up in several venues in Veldhoven. “Open the door and enjoy beautiful and precious moments! Not everyone has a garden room, but every neighborhood has a few places where you can meet.”


For those who are interested and who want to visit Mayke Gorissen’s Garden Room, it is located in Dorpstraat 99 in Veldhoven. Please call in advance to register via (06) 50,428,695.

Example of a garden room, separate from the house, so no building permit is required. The law then sees this as a separate outbuilding in the park.

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