There is still room for improvement on the Abu Dhabi track

In the ninth turn in particular, there is room for improvement, according to several drivers. Earlier in this section, there was a left turn and turn, taking the entire velocity out of it. It was removed and replaced with a quick left turn. This would make overtaking in the last sector easier, but that turned out not to be the case. Future Alfa Romeo driver Valtteri Bottas has stated that the department at the hotel can still be revamped.

“Tracking has been improved in Turn 5, and Turn 9 is also a real improvement over corners before,” said the Finn. “The biggest problem with this circuit is around the hotel. You always lose a few tenths there. It’s a little better, but still hard to get past.” When asked if the ninth corner could be a turn, Finn answered. “I think so. Anyway, it offers more possibilities [om in te halen]. But I insist that the last sector is the problem. They are free-flowing curves where only one race line is possible. Hopefully with the following [generatie] Cars are better. “

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Esteban Ocon, Alpine A521

Photography: Zach Moger / motorsports pictures

Formula 1 fellow Esteban Ocon also believes the latter sector should be changed to boost overtaking. When asked if the alpine driver liked the recent renovations, he replied: “No [fijn] Adequate. “The last four corners are the problem,” Okun says. Take these and you’ll be a great track to get past them. It was now impossible to continue on turns thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth. This makes it difficult to approach in the fifth corner. Two chances for you [op deze baan] You are not close enough. “The simple grand prix winner thinks he has a solution to this problem.” If you set the camber in the corners around the motel, it should improve. That’s what they have to do in the last corner.”

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