There may still be chances on October 3

(Photo: Gymsport Leiden).

PvdA and the Key City party are preparing a proposal not to demolish the 3 October Hall in Mors, but to sell it to Gymsport Leiden, for example. Many parties support a new investigation into the various options.

“Circumstances have changed,” the two sides said. For example, the location of the gym may not be necessary to expand the sports grounds in Morse, and research may show that Leiden will eventually need space for sports associations.

The second, and perhaps the most important reason for Municipal Sports Council member Spijker to get rid of the old hall, is the construction of the new indoor sports center currently being built on the corner of Tilderskady and Churchillin. If the clubs do not move en masse to the new hall, the exploitation there will be under pressure.

Alderman Spijker has several reasons to demolish the 3 Octoberhal. Ensuring the operation of the new indoor sports center is an important part of this.

The outdated hall, the council decided earlier, It should make way for the creation of a space in the Sportpark de Mors. It is redesigned to accommodate Growth Desire for DIOK, DoCoS and Sporting Leiden who wear their jackets too tight. It now appears that the location of the hall is no longer necessary for the new layout. Alderman Spijker is not there yet. “We are still investigating that.” A year ago, several parties also spoke in favor of retaining the hall, but there was no majority for that at the time. Perhaps a new study.

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a leak
According to Spiker, October 3rd will be hard to hold anyway. The building is leaky as hard as a basket, which means it consumes a lot of energy. This renovation costs a fortune. “Furthermore, as of 2024 we no longer have resources dedicated to upkeep of the hall,” Spijker also told council members. “After all, I have already decided to demolish it.”

If the hall survives, the building will likely be offered for sale. In this case, the municipality is no longer involved and there is an interested buyer. This is it Leiden gym. The fusion club of all Leiden gymnastics associations was founded in 2016 and has been using the 3 Octoberhal for years.

In the municipality’s plans, the association should move to the new gym, but the club would not have its own space there. As a result, it is necessary to find a second location in the area, for example, to store materials. So buying the existing hall seems an attractive alternative. Tonight we will discuss the circumstances under which we would like to meet our Board of Directors,” Chairman Arthur Hasbrouck said when asked.

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