There was an outbreak of salmonella in Europe, but there was no infection in our country

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At least 140 people have been infected by an outbreak of salmonella in Europe. Some became seriously ill, and one died in the United Kingdom. Salmonella virus may have spread from Estonia via a meat processor. No infection has been detected in our country so far.

Source: Belga

At least 140 people in Europe have been infected with the salmonella virus Salmonella empanadaga ST413 from chicken sandwiches since November 8, probably from a meat processor in Estonia. It could be 196 people, of which 56 reports have not yet been definitively determined to be related to the virus. 19 people were hospitalized and one person died in Britain.

The infection has occurred in the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, the UK and Israel. Finland has been hit hardest with 42 confirmed cases and 47 suspected infections.

The European health service ECDC reports that the wave of infections may be due to ready-to-eat chicken or fresh chicken meat, for example in sandwiches and wraps. Most of the victims said during the evidentiary hearing that they had eaten the chicken sandwich a few days earlier.

According to the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain, there are no signs of the virus spreading in our country either. There are no reports of infection yet.

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