“There was no better person in this world than my mother.”

Dwight Lodeweges play professional football at Go Ahead Eagles in Deventer, spread over four periods. Among companies, he played football for clubs in his home country of Canada.

How would you describe yourself?

“Like a proud father and grandfather, who turned his hobby into his profession and thus became able to be in many different places in this world.”

Out of respect for him?

“Bibian Mentel. You know your life will come to an end and yet you remain extremely positive. In any case, I have a lot of admiration for people who live their lives happily despite their disability. “

Canada or the Netherlands?

,,Difficult. My parents immigrated to Canada, where I was also born and when I was six years old we returned to the Netherlands. I feel like Dutch, but when we have more time, my wife and I will rent a cart and take a nice trip in Canada through the mountains, the rainforests and along the ocean.

Favorite band?

“The Rolling Stones. I have a great story to tell about it. In 1983, we played an away match with Montreal Manic against the” big “New York Cosmos. Just before we stepped onto the field, a big black limousine drove into the catacombs and Mick Jagger got out, A big fan of Cosmos, and his wife Jerry Hall. I don’t know what I’m seeing and I’m pushing my colleague and friend Larry Dell. Two years younger than me, but just as crazy about the stones Larry runs toward the car and shakes hands with Mick. Well, we lost 5-0, we outdid Playing, but on the bus home, Larry has finished some beers, and he has the loudest word. A hand from Mick Jagger! His life is ready. Everyone laughs except the coach. For Larry, who made his debut that evening, it was almost immediately the end of his career. ” .

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What are your best memories of your childhood?

“After school, play soccer in a big park until mom calls you for dinner. And then he’s tired, dirty and satisfied while you shower and sleep.”

The biggest fatal mistake?

“As coach for Kampor in a away game in Adelaarshorst, he thought twice” We have the ball “while Go Ahead had possession of the ball.

Head coach or assistant?

“Assistant coach of the Dutch national team is really a global job. At Liverpool I would also like to sit on the bench next to Jürgen Klopp without any problems. But it would be different if – with all due respect – I work at Helmond Sport. Then I am the main coach.”

Favorite food?

“Chicken curry with rice, like my wife makes.”

When was the last time you cried?

“When my mother passed away in March last year. She was 91 years old. There was no better person in this world than my mother.”

Which famous Dutch person would you like to trade with for a week?

,, With no one! I am very happy with what I have and who I am. “

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