There will also be room for a car in The Hague in the future

When defining parking standards in The Hague, VVD The Hague ensures that the city remains livable for future car owners. In conjunction with the CDA, the Liberals introduced an amendment to ensure that adequate parking lots are built in new neighborhoods or neighborhoods that are being renovated. We don’t believe in the out-of-town car chase approach, but rather to improve the freedom of choice. That is why we want to make sure that there are enough parking spaces for (future) residents of The Hague,” explains VVD Council member, Diet Regits.

The parking standard specifies the number of parking spaces that must be created. The modification leaves much more room for developers to deviate from the standard if necessary. “There is no cap on numbers, but assignment,” Regts confirms. For the VVD in The Hague, this modification is not considered stand-alone. We want more space on the street for greenery, homes, playgrounds and other amenities. We achieve this, among other things, placing greater emphasis on underground parking garages.

VVD in The Hague continues to fight for a city that invests more in public transport and other forms of transport, but where there is also a place for car owners. It concerns families, businessmen, and essential professions such as doctors and agents. They have cars to go to work, or for family and friends out of town. We remain committed to these people.

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