“There will not be ten identical 2022 cars on the grid soon” |

Ross Brawn, sporting director of Formula 1, is not afraid that by 2022 there will be ten identical cars on the grid. This is despite the fact that the new technical regulations, according to critics, do not leave much room for creativity.

Formula 1 provided a kind of concept car What the cars of 2022 will look like. Aside from the fact that the color may not appeal to everyone, the rules of 2022 are very restrictive according to critics. For example, there will be little scope for designers to come up with unique discoveries and their own ideas.

Red Bulls coach Adrian Newey previously described the new rules as unexciting and a “missed opportunity”. Last weekend, Red Bull boss Christian Horner expressed his fear that there was little room for teams to differentiate themselves in terms of design. “The biggest difference will soon come with the color scheme.”

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According to Brown, one of the main officials behind the new rules, it wouldn’t be that bad. “There is certainly still room for individual interpretation,” he told FORMULE 1 magazine. “There will not be ten identical cars on the grid in the future.”

7500 simulation

Brown and his team have also conducted at least 7,500 computer simulations on new concept cars. The tip of the spear is that drivers can better follow and overtake each other with the 2022 cars. “We’ve completely relied ourselves on the facts,” says Brown, who describes initial feedback from fans and drivers to the design as “positive.”

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As you know, overtaking is very difficult with current Formula 1 cars. This is also because the teams design their own cars in such a way that they block the sky behind and make them difficult to track. However, according to Brown, with the 2022 rules, measures have been taken to prevent teams from doing so again.

In FORMULE 1 magazine #09 you can read a comprehensive report on the arrival of new cars and the revolution in Formula 1 for 2022.

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