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After Donald Trump, some American celebrities are ready for political life again. They have enough brand awareness, but management experience often proves to be very difficult.

From Ronald Reagan to Clint Eastwood and Arnold Schwarzenegger. From fallen comedian Al Franken to singer Sonny Bono and presenter Jerry Springer to businessman and TV star Donald Trump. The United States has a rich history of celebrities seeking new careers in politics. One that is more successful than the other. George Talkie, the world famous Mr. Zulu from the TV series Star TrekFor example, he was more successful as an actor in the universe than as a politician in California.

But the star list could grow well in the future. Because in California, former Olympic champion and transgender Caitlin Jenner is running for governor. In Texas, Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey is campaigning to win this position. In New York City, Andrew Yang, a businessman known for his 2020 presidential candidacy, is a leading contender for the Democratic mayoral post.

Management experience

Arnold Schwarzenegger campaigned in 2003. © Abby

None of these American celebrities have brand awareness. They can certainly play a large audience, but their inexperience in public activities may play tricks on them. Donald Trump has become an unparalleled social media event and no one is more controversial than him. But it is doubtful whether Donald was such a strong president.

Acting as a TV star is often not easy in boring politics, thinks Daniel Ketzel, who was the head of the staff of the Schwarzenegger who became the Austrian bodybuilder Hollywood star. Schwarzenegger became governor of California in 2003 for two terms. “People now look at celebrities and think, we elected a famous president and we were all always stressed,” Ketzel told the AP news agency.

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Caitlin Jenner

Jenner, the most famous decathlon gold medalist as a member of the world-famous Kardashian family, began his campaign last week to challenge Democrat Gavin Newsoma. With the support of his 3.5 million Twitter followers on Instagram and nearly 11 million fans, Jenner’s entourage sees the best opportunities for him. Arnold Schwarzenegger is an example Celebrity The one who made it so far in politics. But he had administrative experience because before he became governor, the actor was active as president of President George HW Bush’s Physical Fitness and Sports Council. Schwarzenegger married Maria Srivastava of the Kennedy dynasty.

Ronald Reagan, who was often ridiculed early in his career, is often more experienced than he thought. He was the leader of the Screen Actors Guild, a powerful union of film and television actors, where he learned to negotiate harshly. Jesse Ventura, a professional wrestler who became the governor of Minnesota, was not a born politician, but he was very popular: he surrounded himself with the most experienced aides.

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