These are the best Android apps of 2021 from Google

The end of the year is getting closer and closer, and that also means it’s time for year-end menus. Google kicks off the ‘Best of 2021’. In this article, you will find the best apps and games of 2021.

The best apps and games in the Play Store

Google put together a top list for each country, for both apps and games. It is remarkable that, as in 2020, there is a huge demand for applications aimed at personal growth.

Best Android Apps of 2021:

  1. AmazingTalker
  2. Balance: Meditation and Sleep
  3. Blossom – Learn about plants
  4. Bold Voice
  5. clementine
  6. The Club: The Social Audio App
  7. Photomyne door coloring
  8. DailyBean: The simplest journal for recording a day
  9. Meditation for sleep and calm | down the dog
  10. Expand: Beyond Meditation

AmazingTalker is the winner out of a total of 27 candidates. For Androidworld editors, this is an unknown app and the Play Store shows that there are only 10,000+ downloads left. We don’t know why that’s #1. #2 is more popular, and the meditation app Balance: Meditation & Sleep. This app only hit the Play Store at the beginning of this year, and it rivals apps like Calm and Headspace. You can read more about the balance here. All the apps Google included in this year-end list It can be found here on the Play Store.

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