These are the best smartphones, TVs, and laptops right now

in our area Bright Stuff Buying Guide We’ve been calling the top three products in all kinds of categories for years, like Our favorite e-bikes, earplugs and recently best headphones. Currant is a porridge that we recommend to everyone. Products we have tested or used ourselves because they are the best of their kind. We keep updating these guides so that they always provide the best buying advice.

This time we added three smartphones, two TVs and a laptop to Bright Stuff. here they are:

» Sony Xperia 1 IV: A phone that dares to do things differently: narrower than the rest and with true optical zoom.

» ASUS ROG 6/6 Pro: ROG phones are destined for mobile gamers, but with the best hardware at the moment, they’re also secretly suitable for any demanding user.

» OnePlus North 2TThis budget device from OnePlus offers so much for so little: a nice screen, a fast slide, a great camera.

» Apple MacBook Air (M1 or M2): The latest MacBook Air has its own Apple chip, so it’s what it used to be: the laptop against which the rest measures itself. There is something to be said for both the M1 and M2 models.

» LG OLED C2: A TV with infinite contrast, great colors, great sound, and a great operating system.

» Samsung S95B OLED QD: Samsung’s first OLED TV. It offers all the known benefits of OLED – infinite contrast and brilliant colors – and adds higher brightness.

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