These are the plans for Graadt van Roggenweg; Less space for cars and maximum speed of 30 km / h

During the Westplein redevelopment in Utrecht, the Graadt van Roggenweg will also be processed. The road currently has four lanes, but this will be two lanes in the future. The top speed will also be reduced to 30 kilometers per hour.

Westplein is still an area with a lot of traffic, but that’s about to change. The yard will be redesigned and there will be homes, green spaces and water. The name will also be changed to “Lobmokplein” in the future. Graadt van Roggenweg redevelopment is also part of the project.

City streets

The municipality wrote in the neighborhood report that the Graadt van Roggenweg would be designed as a ‘normal city street’. This means that motorists will soon be allowed to drive only 30 kilometers per hour. The road section for cars will also be made narrower and one lane will disappear in the direction of traffic.

Parking spaces will be built along the Graadt van Roggenweg. The service route on the part between Croeselaan and Koningsbergerstraat will make way for a two-way cycling path to travel.


A lot of green is also put into the area. For example, there will be four rows of trees, fences will be planted along the tramway and new road sides will be built. Finally, the sidewalks will also be expanded along the Graadt van Roggenweg so that there is more pedestrian space.

The municipality asks residents to contribute ideas about what green spaces should look like. A meeting for this was organized on April 20. “At the first meeting we will tell you about the options that can be made regarding green spaces. For example, choosing grass, shrubs, flowers or combinations thereof for planting areas? How big should these planters be? Are gable gardens possible? Are there any desires?” To get seats, ”it can be read in the neighborhood report. Another follow-up meeting will be held in May.

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As mentioned, the remodeling is part of the Lombokplein project. The municipality will develop the preliminary design for the project this year. “This happens in parts. Where possible, we ask residents to think carefully.” The first works will start in 2024 at the earliest.

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