These blocks won the foreign version of Prince Charming

As the ardent supporters of the TV format know, at the ceremony were not red roses, but black ties. But who has Robert Sepulveda Jr.? (The Prince in Shining Shield from the USA) and Nicholas Buschmann (Germany) tie at the end of their season?

Eric Leonardos

Let’s start with the American Prince Eric. Sure enough, his participation didn’t kill him. The hairdresser from sunny Los Angeles finally conquered the heart of the most wanted bachelor Robert and came out as the winner. Turns out, their relationship was short-lived. Shortly after the cameras stopped filming, Robert announced that he would live a single life again.

Lars Tunswerborn

According to himself, the anti-social Lars can be found on social media, but perhaps only because he gained such fame by participating in the love program. He lost his heart Prince Charming And Nicholas managed to stay until the last moment. In fact, the spark jumped so hard that the two announced they would live together. A year later, in November 2020, the couple decided to call it a day.

In the Dutch version of Prince Charming Marvin from Limburg found love, too. After weeks of speculation, the winner was finally announced. You can read all about it here.

In a program Date or not date? Dropouts are looking for new love every week. Watch the broadcast with Tim below.

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