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Lenny Kohr: It radiated joy, seriousness and innocence as well

With a mixture of passion and pure pleasure, Lenny Cohr sang her song “De Troubadour” at the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest. TV pictures of the winning performance can be viewed on YouTube. Halfway through, the director is shooting a beautiful close-up of a girl from Eindhoven as the sentence begins: “He sang for farmers on the land.” “Fantastic line. “I enrich her with great energy,” says Lenny Core, 71, more than half a century later.

She wrote the composition herself, and the text was written by Groningen poet David Hartsima. She radiated cheer and solemnity during her performance in 1969, and now she is noticing. “But the innocence too. The intent was beautiful. I can still sing passionately, only now I can take a better dose. Thanks to improved technology, the way I sing has also changed. I’ve sung in a lot of bad mics in the past. Now everything looks good straight away.”

The make-up bowl falls on the dress

Townsman Piet Souer accompanied her on guitar during the festival in Madrid. Of course with a big orchestra: that was usual until 1998. After that, the soundtrack came along. “The orchestra sounds layered, you can experience music with all the cells in your body. As a result, you also sing more purely. A completely different experience.”

In the lead up to her winning performance, Lenny and her team encountered some minor inconveniences. For example, when an entire amount of make-up fell on her dress before a rehearsal for the National Song Contest. “It was completely covered in stains. The participant Connie Fink still presented her dress. Very sweet but had a different taste and a different size. Soon we had to find a dry cleaner somewhere in Holland who was ready to steam the dress.”

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Lenny Kuhr in 2021 and during her performance at the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest. © VideoSteel

Do not live in the past

There was some tension in Madrid because the musical scores of the members of the orchestra arrived from the Netherlands with some delay. In the end, everything worked out and they were tied for first place, along with France, Spain and the United Kingdom. Of course she is still proud of the achievement. However, the singer, who now lives in Nederwetten, does not want to live in the past. TV makers who asked a while ago whether she wanted to stand with the trophy got no response. “I think this is terrible. I don’t want to get stuck in a nostalgia that does not bear fruit. Troubadour is a beautiful song. The memories are beautiful. But to continue to identify with that: This has nothing to do with liveliness.”


I think it’s cool that during the Eurovision Song Contest all the differences between countries disappear for some time

Lenny Kohr

She can be seen tonight during the broadcast from Rotterdam during an action during the break titled “Rock the Roof”. Along with past winners like Teach-In (1975), Sandra Kim (1986) and Lordi (2006), the born Eindhoven will make a show of some of the special rooftops in the coastal city. “I am standing on the roof of a warehouse of Boijmans Van Beuningen and singing part of the song“ De Troubadour. ”I think it is great that during the Eurovision Song Contest all the differences between countries disappear for some time. Very special to celebrate the joy of the music festival together.”

Work on a new record

As a singer and songwriter, she is primarily interested in the present. Lenny Kuhr is currently working on a new record for record company Excelsior, home to artists like Danny Vera, Triggerfinger and Spinvis. “As for my recent records, I did a lot myself, and now I have given in to two producers. Some songs were composed by fellow musicians, we worked together on two songs and my daughter Daphna wrote two songs. The record will be released in September / October. I am very excited.”

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