These celebrities are grilling Famky Louise

Famke Louise is regularly getting a lot of attention on social media, but now she’s officially going to believe it. Led by comedian Peter Pannekoek and presenter Dolph Jansen, Slash Model Slash Vlogger gets her own roast Comedy Central. It is now common knowledge that all celebrities will give Roastee the necessary criticism and appreciation at the same time. here they are.


It is the first time for a woman to become a woman in the Netherlands charred. Following in the footsteps of Gordon, Gilles Belin, Johnny de Mol and Hans Kluck. Secretly, of course, roasting started a long time ago. Peter Pannekoek: “I have yet to find out who she is and if she’s achieved anything at all, but I was really excited to be roasting, because it was so long in coming.”

Famke, however, is not easily swayed: “You’ve heard it all, these roasters must come from a good background to surprise me.” She has a point there. If someone is the target of ridicule, it’s Op Me singer Monnie. On the other hand, roasting is also an ultimate tribute, according to Comedy Central. “We only grill the people we love.”

Comedy Central

In the US, Bruce Willis, Justin Bieber, James Franco, Charlie Sheen, Donald Trump and Pamela Anderson have all been subjected to this hilarious insult before. By whom? From comedian Lisa Loeb, host Nassim El Ahmadi, personality Patricia Bay, comedian Ryan Bunday, singer Jock Bruges, rapper Bizzy, model Sylvia Gersen, and designer Mike de Boer. There’s a whole lot of people out there who aren’t all naturally funny, but luckily, there are clever joke writers over at Comedy Central to help with that.

January 16th is today, then Famke Louise’s roast can be seen on Comedy Central at 8:30 p.m.

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