These cities will have more detailed Google Maps display

Google Maps currently offers a very detailed view of cities, towns and other locations around the world. Earlier, Google announced that it would look closely at street details, such as pedestrian crossings. Meanwhile, improvements appear to have started.

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Although Google’s Street View in Maps is already relatively detailed – and is becoming increasingly detailed, among other things as traffic lights arrive in Google MapsStreet View – This time the search giant is working on the smallest details, but definitely no less important. For example, Google is rolling out pedestrian crossings offer with this map update; This way, the navigation app can provide a more accurate “route”. Previously, Google Maps did not know where to cross roads, which sometimes resulted in a longer walking path than Google had previously specified.

These cities will have more detailed Google Maps display

In addition to pedestrian crossings, Google also refers to traffic islands: places where, as pedestrians, you can wait between halves of the road. Other details that will be more accurate after this update include displaying two halves of the road, rounding off street corners, and representing landscapes around roads. Sometimes it is denoted as green, but it is placed on a green square area. After updating, clean edges have been trimmed and rendered true to life.

Easy access to the corridors

Finally, the maps make improvements to the gardens, showing the width of the walkway more accurately, and in addition, any stairs are displayed in gray, so that people who are in a wheelchair or have a walker better know where they stand when they are somewhere. He goes for a walk. The only drawback – and the biggest – to this update is that Google will limit this to four cities around the world for the time being: London, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo. Android Police.

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These cities will have more detailed Google Maps display

When Google plans to provide more cities with street level detailing, the matter is unknown. However, the company previously indicated that it will not be limited to the four cities that will be the first to reach the detailed view. Google announced the feature in August, along with the arrival of a more detailed color representation. For example, with the change in colors, Google distinguishes between seas and rivers.

Putting up additional map details

Although it’s not recommended to travel to one of these four cities at this time, you can take a look at these four cities to see if you have access to the most detailed offer. According to the AP, the update will be distributed via Google’s servers, so it doesn’t make sense to install the latest version of Maps right away.

These cities will have more detailed Google Maps display

Remarkably, the job appears to be linked to your Google account. If you don’t see this function right away, but you have multiple accounts on your phone, try switching between these accounts.

Several phones have been given access to jobs in the Androidworld editorial office. Already see the job in Google Maps? What do you think of this more detailed presentation? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article.

Maps: Navigation and Public Transportation

Maps: Navigation and Public Transportation

Google Maps is the Google app when it comes to maps. Google Maps has detailed maps from all over the world which makes local bedding easy.

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