These families are looking for a place for their caravan in Betoi, but things are going very slowly | overbetuwe

Tonya Swinkles and her brother Bart were born in The Caravan. Their parents still live there, in a small camp in Zeitin. Tonya and Bart lived with their families in a country house for years against their will.

Since they’re so long registered, they come from Overbetuwe and their parents live there in Caravan, they have a good chance of winning one of the two places Overbetuwe wants to set.

We hope for Zaiten. This is where we came from, the children go to school and our lives play, ”Tonya and her partner Robert continue each other.“ We are at the station because this place will now give a destination and so it will quickly go here.


Every caravan resident must have a view of the stadium within a reasonable period of time. In our opinion, this is not a reasonable period in Overbetuwe.

Van Asendorp House. , Head of Stichting Behoud Woonwagencultuur Nederland

But we also know that politicians are looking for additional places. In Zetten we like to go to the square in Veldstraat. There is space there, people already know us and it is close to the current camp, ”says Tonya. De Swinckels sees space for four places there and also room for growth.

“We hope to get places for me and my brother, but also for our parents. Then they move from Sadat Street,” says Tonya. “And there’s also room when our elder Maria is ready to use her own car.”

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