These films and series are new in the seventh week

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TV viewer is spending more and more time watching movies and series via streaming services. Are you one of those too? Then is the place to be! We list the best, most beautiful and popular (new) releases of this week.

Read all new releases here Netflix In February 2021.

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Crew (now showing)


The crew chief at NASCAR Garage is at odds with tech-savvy millennials scattered to modernize the team. Starring Kevin James. Check here where you can start from February 17th the crew It can flow.

Read our review of it here the crew.

Behind her eyes, C1 (showing now)


This series revolves around Louise, who is a single mom. Her life gets more complicated when she begins an affair with her new boss, David. Little problem: he has a wife, Louise also becomes her friend. Check here where you can start from February 17th Behind her eyes It can flow.

Read our review of it here Behind her eyes.

Tribes of Europe, S1 (now showing)


The series takes place in the year 2074. During that time, the continent was divided into different tribal states vying for supremacy. Three siblings named Keanu, Liv, and Elijah became involved in the conflict. This happens when they own a mysterious cube. Find out where to get it Tribes of Europe It can flow.

Read our review of it here Tribes of Europe.

Pele (from Tuesday)


At the age of seventeen, Edson Arantes de Nascimento, better known as Pele, became the world champion for the first time. In the final match against Sweden, he won 5-2 and scored two goals. Later he won the biggest football award twice. He managed every position, scored 1283 goals in 1,363 matches during his career and even as a goalkeeper, the “Black Pearl” was talented. Read here where you can start from February 23 Bill Can watch.

The girl on the train (from Friday)


When a voyeurist divorced woman gets caught up in the life of an idealized couple from afar, she quickly becomes embroiled in a murder mystery that reveals facts about her private life. Read here where you can start from February 26th The girl is on the train Can watch.

Crazy about her (Crazy out) (Starting from Friday)


After a glamorous night with the mysterious and mysterious Karla, Adre decides to enter Carla’s mental institution. All this just to see her again. But he will soon discover that he can no longer control himself there … Read here as it starts February 26th Crazy about her Can watch.

Snowpiercer, Season 2 (Episode 5 Friday)


The series is set in a frozen world, where the last people are on a non-stop train. A caste system has emerged on the plane, with the lower class at risk of rebellion. Find out where to get it Snow hole It can flow.

Also on Netflix

  • Classmates minus (February 20)
  • Brian Reagan: On The Rocks (February 23)
  • Jenny & Georgia, season 1 (February 24)
  • Canine Intervention, C1 (24m)
  • The Mummy (February 25)
  • Geez and Anne (february 25)
  • The Towering Invasion (February 25)
  • Captured by Wave (Feb 26)
  • The Bigfoot family (february 26)
  • Beautiful Love S1 (February 27)

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