‘They left no space for Ajax’

Ajax left home on Sunday evening Points fall against Go Ahead Eagles and with football studio They think this deserves a lot of praise for the away team. Analysts Theo Jansen and Pierre van Hooydonk praised the Go Ahead Eagles.

The guests prevented Ajax from scoring at the Johan Cruyff Arena (0-0). Janssen thinks this is a great performance by the Deventer team. Of course Ajax had chances to shoot the ball, but they weren’t in a position to open it up. This also had something to do with the Go Ahead Eagles. They played very close to each other and did not give Ajax any room to combine. They were on top of everything and threw themselves for everything.

“This finding is not only relevant to Ajax, but certainly also to Go Ahead Eagles,” continues Jansen, concluding with a brief courtesy of the Go Ahead Eagles. “They did very well.”

Van Hoydonk praises Van Miracles

Van Hooijdonk is also full of praise for the Go Ahead Eagles. The former striker complements Kees van Wonderen’s coach the Eagles, with his style of work and the achievements of the Go Ahead Eagles. “He’s doing a great job. Go Ahead is playing very well, and I think that’s great.

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