They showed creative makers: the future of Rotterdam is in motion

City talk

In Talk of the town, Vers Beton discusses something that happens in town each week. This week: Architecture Month on the Water is being held for the first time and this shows where there is still room for greenery and culture in our city.

Photo: Joep Brouwer

Rotterdam’s land is being built up – every square meter must be used. For space, I see Rotterdam jump. There will be no shortage of luxury apartments in the coming years. But more space for culture and green spaces for the people of Rotterdam – not the formula for the future-proof city we want to be.

Fortunately, in times of scarce free space, hope glimmers on the horizon. A number of innovators see opportunities in the genesis of our city. Rotterdam is a port city, and where there is a port, there is water. There is plenty of room on the water. There we can take a look at the floating future of our city in the coming months.

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