Things to do in pictures of vaccines

To encourage young people to be vaccinated, Australia came up with a very significant image. But not everyone can appreciate it. Ruben Kuchel of Wefilmin, a creative company, explains.

Things to do in pictures of vaccines

‘Australia has only 15 per cent vaccinated, but they have called on young people to be vaccinated. They are so scared. You hear a young man breathing very hard. You have something called a cognitive paradox. If it’s too serious, people will not see it. You too can create a distance as this is very unlikely for young people to happen. The funny thing is, young people are not yet vaccinated in Australia. So the question is, why do you make people so scared when you can do nothing about it. If you find a solution to a problem, you need to come up with a solution. ‘

In other countries

New Zealand is doing better, Kuchel thinks. They have a video showing you the reward. Young people who can see each other again. “It works very well.” There is also a video in the Netherlands. Focuses more on facts and rationality, but less on emotion. It is very solid and perhaps it is most suitable for the Netherlands. ‘Singapore, on the other hand, takes a completely different course. They made a song out of it. They are almost trying to make a party. ‘

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