Third place on the podium in Wengen for the Dutch equestrian team, but Belgium was the best of the Young Riders

On Friday, the Belgian Young Riders team won the Nations Cup for the oldest age group of participants in Wengen: Young Riders (16-21 years old). The Netherlands finished third on the podium, after Germany lost out to Belgium on the jump.

It was a very exciting battle for Spruce Meadows, which was ultimately decided in a jump. After the two regular rounds, Germany and Belgium were tied on penalty points: four each. The Netherlands was already in third place at the time with 13 penalty points, seven ahead of Italy, who finished fourth.

Great impression

The Dutch team – with newcomer Auke Feenstra from Bontebok (with Jolineke), Fleur Holleman from Huissen (with Cataque Du Haut Breil), Mans Thijssen from Sevenum (with Joviality) and Iris Michels from Liessel (with Isaac) – made a great impression. National coach Vincent Foron was pleased with their performance and certainly with their podium finish in their country.

Auke Feenstra was allowed to delete his eight penalty points in the first round. Iris Michels fouled and was awarded a time penalty. Holman and Tejssen remained clear. In the second round, Fleur Holman fell to the floor after the double jump and with that there was an immediate scrap score. Feenstra and Thijssen made a mistake and now Iris Michels stayed clear.

In the jump between the four musketeers of Belgium and Germany, our southern neighbors kept their heads calm: They only made two mistakes. Germany hit four, giving Belgium the victory.

So handsome

Looking back on this game, Vincent Forn said that the team members did very well. However, the national coach discovered some flaws: “For example, that Iris Michels received a time penalty: that’s unacceptable at this level. But in the second round she showed a game I’ve never seen before, very smart.”

The national coach was satisfied with the newcomer Auke Feenstra. Feenstra can prepare for the trip to Hagen where the last European Championship selection match will take place. Only after that match in Hagen does Voorn determine his team.

There was a reason Skye Morssinkhof didn’t line up in Veeningen. “I had Sky with me on Monday for training and then she showed better form than in recent weeks. But I also wanted to see others in action in a match and that’s why Sky didn’t line up here.”

Auke Feenstra himself was satisfied with his debut. When asked if he was feeling pressure, he said, “Not in the ring, but something upfront.” In any case, Fenstra will go to Hagen, where he will ride his second horse.

There was also Dutch success in the international divisions earlier today. For example, for Skye Morssinkhof from Hierden, in the fight for the Stal Wiefferink Prize for Young Riders over 1.45 metres. She was victorious and was the only one who stayed on time. It was Stijn Testers from Kruisland who won the Van Triest Veevoederprijs over 1.35m with Young Riders, with Yoni van Santvoort from Nuenen coming second.

Juniors Holland V

The Dutch junior team with Finn Boerekamp (Someren), Thijmen Vos (Wierden), Hilde Veenstra (Drachtstercompagnie) and Nick Nanning (Dalfsen) finished fifth on Friday afternoon during the show jumping competition at the Nations Cup in Wengen. After an exciting jump, with four nations, it was Great Britain who finally came home with victory in the Morrenhof-Jansen prize battle. After the two regular rounds, four nations led, each with only four penalty points. On the vault, the British took the win, beating Sweden and Germany in terms of time. The three teams stayed clear on the jump. The Belgian team got four penalty points in the decisive final round.

The gap with the top four nations, which the Netherlands faced after the two rounds, was significant. All four leaders collected four penalty points, the Netherlands fourteen.

On the Dutch side, Thegmen Voss and Nick Nanning were the most successful. Each of them collected four penalty points during the two rounds. In the second round, only Nanning stayed clear and Vos was the only one to keep a clean sheet in the first round.

In that first round, Hilde Veenstra received eight penalty points and that was the Netherlands’ worst result in that first round, so those points could be deleted. In the second round, Finn Boerekamp has collected eight penalty points and can also be deleted. In total, the Netherlands received fourteen penalty points, good for fifth place.

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