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American-Mexican Anika Rodriguez (24) Who, the champion candidate found her rightful place on the right with PSV and signed a year?

The Champions League is closely followed at the Rodriguez home in Los Angeles. So when Anika, 24, the eldest of five children, was able to go to PSV, her enthusiastic father was able to say a few things about the Eindhoven football club. He taught his daughters at a young age.

“You play football in my family. My brothers also played football until they were 16 and now play volleyball, ”said Anika Rodriguez, who allowed her family to visit Zoom last week when she extended her contract for another year.

In Eindhoven she had a hard start and had to cross her house. “The hardest thing I found was the nine-hour time difference. My family would not wake up here after 4pm, and then I only had a few hours to talk to them before I went back to sleep. We were very close. But the team accepted the role well.”

Tough times

Anika Rodriguez played college football with her sister Karina at UCLA, University of California. She tore her cruciate ligament twice. “Those were tough times, but it gave me time to figure out who I was outside of football and who I wanted to be after my life. During my rehab, I got a lot of training, and it’s also my passion,” says Rodriguez. “I chose the fifth academic year. Worked well. I needed it to regain my confidence. “


For the first time in Portland Thorns I got a taste of a professor’s life.It is unreal

Anika Rodriguez (24), footballer P.S.V.

It was made by Portland Thorns for Rodriguez NWSL. “There I was allowed to taste the life of a professor for the first time. It’s unreal. For six months I played football with amazing players like Lindsay Horan, Kristin Sinclair, Becky Schurbrun. It was an invaluable experience,” Rodriguez says with a twinkle in his eye.

“On the other hand, this is the moment in my life when I need minutes. So, when I realized that this was achievable for me, I started chasing my dream of playing football in Europe. Playing in the Champions League is something that can cross my bucket list on the PSV.”

Two passports

It also includes playing for Mexico’s national team. “My grandparents were all born in Mexico and I have two passports, of which I am proud. Although I played for many American youth teams, a few years ago I had the desire to return to my home country, ”explains Rodriguez.

Socially active

Anika Rodriguez is also seriously committed to a better world. He auctioned football shirts for victims of the California wildfires and Louisiana hurricane. But for the black youth program, too, it draws attention to the plight of dark-skinned millennials in the United States.

“Thankfully I don’t have much to do with racism, but comrades and good friends in the United States. You see a lot of pain and suffering growing up together. This is a big issue in society, and it’s important for me to change something,” Rodriguez said.

“As an athlete you have a platform through which you can raise awareness and raise money to support projects. I like to use it.”

Anika Rodriguez screams for joy after her first goal for PSV, ATO Den Hawk – PSV © Wouter Dill / Pro Shots

The appointment of Rick de Ruiz as head coach was a key reason for Rodriguez to stay at PSV for one more year. “I want to continue to grow as a player and as a person. This club and of course Rick can help me. I was very impressed with him and his staff. Believe in the clear way he wants us to play together as a team. He is passionate and expects a high standard from everyone.”


I would like to repay the confidence I received from the coach and the complete back row

Anika Rodriguez (24), footballer P.S.V.

De Ruiz put the energetic Rodriguez right in his opening eleven, which he had never played before, but now she wants to stand up and be able to handle it well with her motivation. “I am a scholar and watching video clips is very important. I want to repay the confidence I get from the coach and from the full back line, ”said Rodriguez, who scored his first goal for PSV at the ADO Den Haag in March, after a knee injury.

In a fantastic battle for the national title on Sunday (2.30pm kick-off), PSV needed a better result than 1-1 in the Premier League Championship pool. Rodriguez: “We want to be champions at the end of the season. We are working hard for that now. ”

Standings Premier League Championship Pool: 1. FC Twent 2-20, 2. PSV 2-19, 3. Ajax 2-19, 4. ATO Den Hawk 2-11.

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