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1993 Toyota Corolla crosses two million kilometers. This car is owned by a New Zealand resident who drives nearly 5,000 miles a week for a year.

According to the local newspaper Vanganui Chronicle Upper Hut newspaper distributor Graeme Hepley imported the car from Japan in 2000. The car was seven years old at the time and had already driven 80,000 kilometers. Since then, he has driven about 5,000 miles a week between Wellington and New Plymouth for work.

‘Example of Credibility’

The car’s timing belt has been changed almost twenty times, but the engine, transmission, body and drivetrain are completely original. According to Hepley, Toyota’s 1990s were a summary of reliability, but according to New Zealand the real secret lies in the over-maintenance of the Japanese car. Due to intensive use, the car is serviced every two weeks. “Otherwise it would never have happened,” Hepley said.

Guinness Book of Records

In 1966, the Volvo P1800S, driven by New Yorker Irv Gordon, set a Guinness World Record for the most number of miles traveled by a non-commercial vehicle. Mr. Garden bought the new car and drove 3.2 million miles – or 5.15 million kilometers – until he died in 2020. In the meantime the engine and gearbox of this car were replaced. In 2017, the Mercedes-Benz 1992 200 D announced that one of its engineers had driven one million kilometers behind the wheel in Germany.

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