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Veldhoven Family members of people with dementia often forget about themselves. To help them, SWOVE is organizing a dementia course, what now? Informal care consultant Hanne Bergmans and Seniors Advisor Patricia Colin offer eight Veldwijzer courses in Veldhoven, where they teach informal caregivers how to handle challenging situations, provide practical tools and offer some theory; There is also scope for peer networking.

Kohlin: Caregivers often have practical questions like how they handle hygiene and how they stay in touch with family friends and acquaintances, as well as emotional questions like how to take good care of yourself. During this cycle, people also exchange stories and there is appreciation.”

Participants receive a course book and access to the members area in an online environment at The site also contains information about dementia that everyone can access.

Colin: The book has all the theory, but it’s especially important for participants to learn to create space for themselves. They face a lot of things in the field of behavior, care and hygiene. Struggling with questions like Do I tell the environment and what are the advantages and disadvantages of that? As a result, they soon encountered their own limits. How do you deal with that?”


The living environment of people with dementia changes. For them, the environment changes, while for the caregiver, the person changes

Patricia Colin, Senior Advisor, SWOVE

The elderly counselor explains that everyone’s thinking pattern changes when they go into overload and they often forget themselves because they are thinking about actions. By helping them think about it, you create space in their heads for them to be able to think more broadly. You can also get this by calling your fellow sufferers. Knowing that you are not really alone gives comfort. They test this in every meeting. Then the trick is to learn how to deal with them, so that they are better balanced in the future, by talking to fellow sufferers, going somewhere or doing a hobby.”

The living world is changing

Colin says the living environment for people with dementia is changing. “For them, the environment changes, while for the caregiver the person changes. We also teach them how a person with dementia feels. What it means to not know and realize it. This is very upsetting and confrontational. We also talk about how informal caregivers deal with the feelings that come with it” .

A number of health insurance companies reimburse the course costs from an additional package. If you want to inquire about this with the insurance company, it is best to ask about temporary care compensation. Those who cannot afford the course can contact SWOVE at 040 2540066. You can register before January 10 at the same phone number or via [email protected]

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