“This goes in the wrong direction with many supporters.”

Gentlemen Dick Formicar Podcast Discuss the ins and outs of Feyenoord. They discussed the last game, the past and the present about our club. Martijn Krabbendam and Michiel van Egmond are the guys who create the podcast on behalf of VI.

Martin Krabendam was not surprised by the match. No, I was not surprised. When two teams put the same amount of energy into the game, the team with the greatest talent wins, which is annoying, but it is. Crabendam saw Feyenoord still trying to turn it into a match. But AZ painfully revealed Feyenoord’s flaws. It was a reality check. ”

Frank Arnesen must believe that what he saw from the ground up, he also wants to see it in three years in Quebec. Van Egmond is not entirely convinced that the new coach, Arne Sloat, will solve this problem. Of course he is a good coach, he has proven it. He definitely can infiltrate a new philosophy. Not all players will be much better. Expectations are very high as well. Krabbendam agrees and argues that the AZ philosophy is fundamentally exploratory. This is slightly lower in Feyenoord, because there are only two scouts. But Arnesen will also improve the exploration network. The Danish director also wants to improve the youth academy, and they are already working on it. They have created the best soccer group to improve it. But the process of improving Scouts and youth will take some time. However, there is a little patience in Feyenoord. There should always be performance. While there is ample time and space on AZ. But you also have to be lucky to bring a good player out of exploration. Like Karlsson at AZ. “

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But for many fans, it was hard to accept that Alexei had better players in the crucial positions. This goes in the wrong direction with many supporters. But Feyenoord played a reasonably good game. The players tried hard. Feyenoord was no less than AZ, but AZ has slightly better players. But this also goes the wrong way in the MAS building.

Feyenoord’s tactics have been criticized. Rotterdam team played slightly higher than expected. According to Advocaat, this was not the intention at all. The intent was to wait for the halfway line and stop the Stengs, because you know the qualities of AZ. But their back was too wide and did not catch the ball. AZ always got the ball in space. AZ naturally has many fast players. Spajić was blamed, but there were also very good goals. Sometimes you just have to clap for it.

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