This is how Netflix wants to change direction and offer new subscribers

Netflix has seen better days. The streaming service lost 200,000 subscribers last quarter and expects to lose another 2 million subscribers in the next quarter, mainly due to the shutdown in Russia.

While the streaming service is still popular and has more than 200 million paid subscribers, it is looking for new ways not only to keep people, but also to attract new subscribers.

Netflix wants to turn things around
Netflix hopes to turn the tide with new additions to its shows. One of those things, of course, we saw recently, when Netflix decided to add Choose Your Own Story content, which is interactive and allows you to choose what you want to happen.

The deadline now indicates that Netflix is ​​testing live streaming of certain shows. This is not directly related to sporting events, for example, but rather unrecorded sitcoms and stand-up comedies.

For example, according to Deadline, Netflix is ​​considering doing something like this with Netflix is ​​a Joke, the live comedy festivals it organizes in the US. Viewers can also vote for matches and watch the popular reality live finals through live broadcasts.

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