This is how the British version can take hold

He now knows more about the British alternative. Four questions:

1. Can the spread of the British alternative be stopped?

According to RIVM, the UK’s R is now 0.6 while the British variant is the dominant one. So the spread could be greatly reduced, but this did not happen automatically. In London, for example, there is a ban on contact with people from other homes. In addition, there were terrifying pictures of overcrowded hospitals and long lines of ambulances waiting for days on end. This may have affected how much people respect the aura procedures. The advantage of the Netherlands is that there has been a closure here for quite some time. In the UK, measures were just relaxed when the British alternative appeared.

2. How many people are infected with the British variant in the Netherlands?

Of all the coronavirus infections, an estimated ten percent will now be the British alternative, nearly doubling compared to last week. That would now be just under 3,900 hits for the British variant. RIVM detected 107 infections with this variant between October 1, 2020, and last Friday. This happened upon close examination of 1,835 positive samples.

A large percentage of those affected by the British variant belong to the school in Bergschenhoek where the variant made its debut in December. Of the 750 parents, children and teachers who were examined, 75 were infected. Just under half With the British alternative.

The British variant was also established at ‘t Suyderhuys Residential Care Center. GGD Frysl├ón assumes 49 residents and 63 employees are infected. RIVM has yet to confirm this. In addition, some infections were detected in health care institutions in AmstelveenAnd the Ermelo at he goes Also in Twente The British variant appeared.

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3. How is this variable to be traded faster?

Researchers believe that an infected person transmits the virus faster and that others catch it more quickly. “The virus can be more stable, stay on surfaces longer and enter cells more easily, so fewer virus particles are needed,” says Chantal Ryuskin of RIVM.

“Studies indicate that people with this type may have a lot more viruses in their throat, maybe about seventy times more,” said virologist Mariette Veltkamp (LUMC). Previously from. But it could also be the recipient. “It might be the case that you need fewer viruses to be infected with this variant. This has to do with the fact that the British variant appears to bind better to the receptor, entering cells with shorter contact, for example.”

4. Do vaccines also work with this alternative?

Feltkamp said earlier: “This has been researched, and once you are vaccinated, you are also protected from this alternative.” “The question is whether the current vaccines work well against other new variants, like the ones in South Africa. They contain some other subtle mutations.” She adds that the vaccines appear somewhat less protective than the South African type. “But still to an acceptable level.”

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