This is how we win Jill Lucas for the Water Sports Column, Column Arno van Gerven, Director of the Aquatics Federation

A few of them were intended for the activities we will be launching from January to win guys like Lucas in watersports. For example, with the support of our sponsor Allianz and the efforts of our Olympic champions, we’ll be going on a national road trip with Optimist on Tour. On the one hand, this is the promotion of the 2023 World Sailing Championships and on the other hand, an introduction program for our various water sports. We always make connections between associations and schools, so that Olympic champion Kieran Padlow can suddenly stand in front of the group. At the same time, a topic such as sustainability, the future of our water will also be discussed. This is done through superior cleaning operations: locally organized cleaning procedures. Something my peers might say is “what a k job,” but my kids roll up their sleeves without grumbling.

Another important point of our annual plan is to update our courses. It has become easier and more attractive. For example, we offer an online assistant for watersports instructors on our website, where new teaching and practice models are made available every week. Coaches no longer have to reinvent the wheel themselves. In practice, this is supplemented by a new series of educational videos. This comically shows Jill Lucas how to master some water sports skills.

In addition, in 2022 we intend to pioneer more water sports associations with different organic forms, which will introduce Jill Lucas, for example, to wind, kite and intelligence chips.

In the meantime, Watersportverbond is looking for volunteers who would like to become a coach or coach for the new year. So sign up. I would also like to invite you to apply for one of the three great vacancies we have:

  1. Captain / project leader optimistic on tour
  2. Secretary of the Aquatics Federation
  3. IT specialist for our online platform
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Lucas I would say: It will be fine.


Arno van Gerven is the Director of the Royal Dutch Aquatic Association. Each week it discusses current topics in water sports. Do you want to reply? Do so at [email protected]

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