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ask vtwonenThe rug gives the room shape. Plus it looks comfortable. And – no superfluous luxury – it’s nice and warm on your feet. But how do you choose the right rug from the thousands of options available? vtwonen stylist Marianne Loening offers tips for a well-thought-out buying process.

What is the effect of the carpet on the room?

The English call rugs, curtains and pillows “soft furniture”. Due to the nature of their fabric, they literally dress up the room. They make it more comfortable and soft, and this applies even to acoustics. The rug breaks up the soft floor, adding fun and contrast to the room. Moreover, it retains heat, which in turn prevents cold feet.

Speaking of warm feet… do carpets and underfloor heating go together?

“Many carpets can block the heat from the floor heating. However, if there are enough places in the room where the heat can rise, it will not negatively affect the temperature in the room.”

What should you pay attention to when buying a rug?

The choice of rug is very related to taste, and depends on a lot of practical matters. Where will it be located? In the lounge, bedroom, dining or sitting area? Do you have pets or allergies? Then a soft woven or washable rug is a good option. Should the rug be the room’s dazzling effect, or a subtle addition? What is its size and what is its budget? You quickly misunderstand the size of the rug. Therefore, first measure the size of the rug. A rectangular rug is the most common shape, while a round rug can soften a room more. Before you go out, think about the requirements your clothes must meet.”

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Styling: Cleo Schuldermann Photography: Jeroen van der Sek © Jeroen van der Sek

How do you crash it anyway? Should the rug go under the furniture or not?

“If you want your sofa and/or chairs to become part of an island, let the rug glide all the way under it. Floor coverings are also on sale by the meter, which allows you to work in bulk. You can achieve roughly the same effect by placing sofa legs on the rug.” This also creates this feeling of connection.Depending on the size of your sofa, you can also drop a small 10-20cm strip between the sofa and the rug.Once you have put the rug on, look at it from a distance.Do not sit on it.You can usually see from afar immediately Whether the sofa or the rug still needs to be moved.”

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Styling: Danielle Verhol Photography: Schord Ekmans

Styling: Danielle Verhol Photography: Schord Ekmans © Sjoerd Eickmans

What tips do you have for matching the rug to the rest of your furniture?

“There are a lot of things you can do to control what you do. For example, you can work with texture contrasts or colors when designing a rug. If you work with texture contrasts, you create an interaction between the hard and the soft. delicate And soft. For example, if you have furniture with little or soft structure, a high pile rug gives a nice contrast in the texture. But you can also choose contrast with color. If you really want your rug to be the room’s wow effect, you can choose a patterned rug or a brighter color. “

And work with layers of rugs too Layers Mentioned, is this still a thing?

Is your design skewed so that one rug is not enough for you? You can connect all separate elements with several carpets on top of each other. This is also a very personal choice. There are many roads that lead to Rome.”

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