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Ask vtwonenOftentimes, commercials show great sofas and other pieces of furniture in a large space. But if your house is smaller, it will look completely different. How to still furnish well a small or cramped living room? Designed by Lisa Wassenaar Van vtwonen explains.

Is it as simple as using light colors?
I think light colors always help make a room look bigger, but maybe every wall is a bit boring. You can also work with colored areas. This can be very nice for a narrow tube tray. You can not paint the entire walls, but a small part of them. This gives a playful effect, especially if you are making shapes out of it.

With the open wall cabinet, you can give the frame a cool color. Or draw a circle on the wall. You can choose not to paint all the way to the ceiling, but keep the room white. Then you do something exciting, while using color doesn’t make the room look any smaller.”

A sofa is often very attractive and has character in a small space. Does the sofa fit in a small room?
I will not say that you cannot work with large furniture, but you cannot choose a thin model. If you want a corner sofa because it’s nice to sit with the family, choose thinner cushions and a narrower backrest and make sure the sofa is a little higher on its legs. Then you have the practical size, but the form doesn’t look out of place and doesn’t immediately become claustrophobic at home.”

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Anyway, Lisa thinks legs are a nice solution. “You don’t want to deal with too much blocks in tight spaces. This makes for a massive view. A wall cabinet or coffee table on legs creates air. This gives the right feel in a tight space.”

If you make a bench on the long side, you can move the table to the side. Designed by Fietje Bruin. © Margaret Hoekstra

What else can you do to prevent your living room from looking smaller than it really is?
“If your room is cramped, don’t buy a lot of small cupboards. Then it will soon be very full. On the long side of the wall you can have a custom bench that acts as a cupboard with potential storage space and toward the dining area as a bench (see photo above, StT). You move the table opposite, and then you get space. Things that are tall and narrow create peace and unity.”

And any tips about the floor?
“If you have a laminate, laminate or PVC floor with a wooden look, choose a board a little narrower. If it is only three boards wide, so to speak, it immediately seems narrower. When you lay it down, always lie with the light. With a rug or rug, it’s also better too. Making sure it’s not too big and that it’s full from wall to wall. Also with that, you’ll be stressing a lot about how small the space is, while you want it to have the opposite effect.”

In vtwonen you will find more tips about Decorate a small living room. Watch the videos below for more home inspiration.

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