This is how you operate the top speed and speedometer

In Google Maps, you can see the maximum allowed speed while navigating, and it is also possible to always see how fast you are driving. However, it is not always enabled by default for users. So we explain how to activate it.

Google maps speed limit and speedometer

Lots of people rely on free maps to navigate. every day Google Maps. It’s a convenient, all-inclusive package whether you’re driving to work and checking out traffic, or on vacation exploring cities you don’t know.

Since Maps has been a huge hit, significant improvements have been made to the service on a regular basis, examples of which are Speedometer and the maximum speed. The first shows your car’s speed while you’re driving, and that should work a little more accurately than in the car thanks to your phone’s GPS connection. In addition, the maps are also aware of the maximum speed allowed on many Belgian and Dutch roads.

Activate the speed limit and speedometer

Google had been testing both features for a while before they were officially available to all users. So it is very likely that you have seen them pop up in your navigation for a while and then disappear again. These functions are now available to all Maps users and we show you how to enable them in the Navigation app settings.

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  1. Open Google Maps on your phone
  2. Click on the top right Your Google account profile icon
  3. Choose Institutions
  4. Journalism Navigation settings
  5. put under regoptis from maximum speed and the Speedometer in a
  6. Can be seen on the go
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Correct settings in Google Maps

Do you use Google Maps for navigation or are there other apps that you use often? Perhaps swearing allegiance to the standard navigation that runs on your car’s infotainment system? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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Maps: navigation and public transportation

Maps: navigation and public transportation

Google Maps is Google’s app when it comes to maps. Google Maps has detailed maps from all over the world where it is easy to find a local bed..

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