This is how you play badminton

You news, we’re little!

However, this is only the picture that justifies the game of badminton. It’s more intense than we often think. Especially people who play it with some regularity and who have also seen on TV can confirm this. To give you an idea of ​​what badminton includes, we have listed a number of things for you.

The origin of badminton

The sport itself has been around for several thousand years. Not in the form in which we know it today, of course, but in one of its derivatives. It is said that badminton was first played in India, when it was still a colony of the United Kingdom. This partly included badminton sharing as well England It was very popular. By the way, in India this sport was not called badminton, but was called puna. Since the eighteenth century, the English called it badminton.

Why do you play badminton

The big advantage of badminton is that you can do it just about anywhere. It is an intense sport, so it also contributes to your daily movement. For example, badminton is as hard as running for half an hour. So you can do it outside, but of course indoors as well. The advantage of being indoors is that you are not disturbed by the wind. So you can play with two, but also with four. The useful thing is that you can also use carpools if you decide to rent a room. If you are renting a room in Holland, then there is no need to take anything into account, but if you go, for example, to Germany or Belgium, then in Germany in winter it is mandatory to have winter tires on your car.

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in the camp

If you are traveling on vacation, there are a number of things to keep in mind. first and foremost car insurance In case you have bad luck on the road. Second, it pays to bring your own badminton kit. All you need is a set of racquets, badminton and a net. You can often easily screw this net between two trees, so that you can easily and quickly create your own badminton court at the campsite. You will soon notice that when you are busy, more and more candidates come who want to play a game. This is what makes it such a fun sport. It’s available for young and old and you can do it just about anywhere. So are you going on vacation to camp soon? Then don’t forget to take your badminton set with you, so you can play a fanatic game every day. If you don’t have a set at home now, you can often buy one while on vacation. Make sure you get the right shuttles, which aren’t too light. Especially when the wind is blowing, your shuttle will of course blow in all directions.

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