This is short: a setback for the Hawaiian driver in the fight against the extradition of the United States

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Hawaii Finance Director Meng Wanshou must deal with a setback in his struggle to avoid being extradited from Canada to the United States. A Canadian judge has denied a request to use the financial institution HSBC’s documents as evidence. For Meng, the data show that the US request to extradite him is unsubstantiated and illegal.

The Canadian judge will announce in 10 days why 300 pages of HSBC internal documents will not be allowed as evidence. Meng’s legal team received information from a Hong Kong court.

Meng was arrested in late 2018 when he was transferred to Vancouver Airport. She is the daughter of one of Hawaii’s vice presidents and founder Ren Zhengfei. Hawaii is suspected of violating US sanctions against Iran, and the United States has demanded his extradition. He lied to the financial institution HSBC about the relationship between Hawaii and Skycom, which trades with Iran in defiance of US trade sanctions.

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